Monday, August 17, 2009

Backpacking and Banana Bread

Yay alliteration! ...Kind of.

So in the past week or so, there has been some banana bread and backpacking at the Emigrant Wilderness. The backpacking was amazing. Three of us, Mike, Ben, and I, went to the Emigrant Wilderness to go on a supposed 3-day backpacking trip. Seeing as this isn't a backpacking blog (unlike my travel blog), I'll just give a brief account. Basically, a 3-day backpacking trip was turned into a 2-day backpacking trip, but highlights of the trip involved:

Three people crammed into what was supposedly a queen-sized bed, but I swear it was a full-sized bed in kind of a creepy hotel in Jamestown:

Amazing views of granite landscapes and of gorgeous lakes:

And lots of snacking under beautiful weather:

Photograph courtesy of Benjamin Bracamonte

I look tired and miserable there, but I swear it was a blast--the whole 6.5 miles in and 6.5 miles out. :)

That said, I had made a banana bread the day before heading out. It was great--I had tried out this new banana bread recipe found on a baking community (Unfortunately, it is a locked post, and I do not feel comfortable re-posting other people's recipes without giving proper references, I will not be posting the recipe) and had only tried it out once. It was a hit--it was moist, without being overly dense and heavy. This time around, I switched up the ratios of the ingredients a bit, substituted ingredients, and used only white whole wheat flour since I was still out of all-purpose flour. Personally, I think it turned out even better than the original recipe. :P

Whole Wheat Banana Bread

Isn't it gorgeous? The texture was great, and was the perfect way to use up the last 3 bananas that were definitely turning black. I think I always insist that my roommate buy bananas (I don't really eat them, but he likes them), just so that I can make banana bread.

That's all for now--mostly cooking has been backpacking pantry including tuna from a bag, instant oatmeal, and experiments with cous-cous. I hope to be making a nice loaf of bread soon, because it's something that's definitely missing in the apartment. AND, I just got all purpose flour from Costco, so yay!

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